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My Work in the World

I came to Australia from Canada in 2000 and felt a homecoming, a connection to this land deep in my body. My interests in Women's health, rights and healing led me to train in Shiatsu and Energetic Healing, doula training and the Four Seasons Journey, which was a life changing experience. I apprenticed with Jane Hardwicke Collings at the School of Shamanic Womancraft for 4 years, apprenticing to the art of holding space and transformation.

I am a teacher with the School of Shamanic Womancraft, holding the Four Seasons Journey in Mullumbimby and South Australia. I am the Hearthkeeper for the school, supporting the day-to-day operations and all of the teachers, apprentices and students. My business has undertaken a transformation itself: in 2020 The Wild Witch being born, and my offerings to facilitate and share my knowledge to women who hear the call.

How I got here

Giving birth to my first child brought me the realization that my heart lay in the work of holding space for women. I trained as a doula, being invited into sacred birth spaces and deepening my knowing that supporting women was my path in life. My training has given me the skills to create safe, inviting spaces, where women will feel safe, held and whole, to allow them to find their inner knowing and reclaim their power.

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My Mission

When I was a child, I had an experience where I knew I was a Witch. It was a knowing I cannot explain, but I have carried it with me since. For years I have struggled with how to be what is often pushed to the fringes and feared. My own in-depth process to truly “know thyself” brought me to a place where I can fully claim who I am and what I offer to this world: The Wild Witch.

The transformational power of the healed sisterhood. The healing of being in circle. The connection to the wild. The magick of the Witch.

My mission is to support all women, from Maiden to Crone, to claim their power, and connect with their wild witch to live an authentic, magickal life.

I am dedicated to being in service to the Goddess.

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