Birth Your Drum

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Bookings are now open for a Drum Making workshop in Wilsons Creek at the Witches Cottage.

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Birthing your own Drum is an amazing process of discovery and healing. 

Over 2 days, this workshop brings women together in circle to create a sacred ritual space and together we will explore the magick and mystery that is drum making.  We explore the herstory of the drum and its significance in the Journey of women throughout time.  

We will be crafting our drums from Deer Skin, and journey to meet the spirit of the deer and see what messages they bring and what will be your unique medicine that reverberates to the world once you play your drum.

We will share our stories and insights in circle and explore Birth: our birth, the birth of our children, how we birth things into this world. This is a process that takes us to the core of our birth imprint, which we witness as we embark on the act of reaving our drums into being.

This is a 2 day fully catered non-residential workshop and includes all tuition and materials to make your drum and a beater.

The workshop will primarily be held outside, to keep us connected to the earth while we journey deep with our own stories and with the spirit of the deer.

Currently there is the possibility of doing a 1:1 drum making session, which takes you on a full process of learning your "birth formula" and having a "private midwife" experience as you birth your drum.


Please email hel[email protected] for info or register your interest below.

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