Sabbat Circles

Deepen your connection with the wheel of the year at the Wild Witch Sabbat Circles.

Journeying with the seasons of the earth, we come together at these potent points in the year to immerse ourselves in the energy of the earth, the moon and find where we fit into this cosmic map.

Sabbat circles are part women’s circle, sharing and connecting together, and part ritual.  We will take a drum journey, uniquely designed for each sabbat, to gain wisdom and insight from the other realms.  We will have a ritual and creative process, much like our ancestors would have done.

Sabbat circles shift with the seasons, each one being a unique exploration of the seasons, the practices, the goddesses, the wisdom that comes with living an earth-centred life.

Sabbat circles can be attended as a one-off event, or all 8 can be attended.

Dates for 2022 Sabbat Circles are:

Lammas ~ January 29

Mabon Autumn Equinox ~ March 26

*due to the flooding event in Northern NSW the Mabon circle is CANCELLED.  I will refund any purchased tickets and will hold a combined Samhain, full harvest circle and update the dates soon.  Thank you for your patience during this wild time!*

Samhain ~ May 7

Yule Winter Solstice ~ June 18

Imbolc ~ August 6

Ostara Spring Equinox ~ September 24

Beltane ~ November 12

Litha Summer Solstice ~ December 17

All Circles are on a Saturday 6pm - 9pm $45 per circle includes materials and light refreshments. Bookings essential - limited numbers.

See below for booking links, or email me at: [email protected] 

Wheel of the Year


Ready to commit to a full year of connecting with the Sabbats? Wanting to build a connection with a circle of women that creates community and magick together?

Book the whole year of Sabbat Circles for $320

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29th October 6pm - 9pm

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22nd December 3pm - 6pm

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