Sacred Blood

Explore the magick and mystery of your blood and bring back the sacred to this time in your life.  Circle work. Deep sharing in the sisterhood, drum journeying and creating a sacred potion of blood, infused with the energy of the circle.

Learn to flow with your blood and with your cycle, rather than fight against the energy.  Connect with your womb and journey to meet your blood goddess.  Learn about the magick and mystery of your blood.  Participate in a spell work ritual to anchor your visions.

Pre-menarche, post menopausal and other non bleeding women are welcome to attend this workshop and share their experiences.  All stories are sacred and all experiences are a valid addition to this rich tapestry we weave together,  Painted with this magick, we journey for initiation and return blood women, holding the power of our sacred blood.

This is a whole day workshop and is $200.

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