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Shamanic Womancraft Sessions


Are you going around and round in circles?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you aware things need to change but you’re not sure what, or how? Are you looking and searching but can’t find the answers anywhere? 

Well, look no further. The answers are within you, and the way of Shamanic Womancraft can help you remember where to find them.

The modality of Shamanic Womancraft sees a woman as whole, not broken, and on a journey.

Shamanic Womancraft processes help you understand and unravel your story, helping you see the patterns and cycles that have shaped your journey so far.

This understanding shows you the likely trajectories of your future, and offers insight into the choices you have.


Once you shift into making conscious choices, everything changes.


Shamanic Womancraft helps you reconnect with the Earth, Nature, and land, and to reclaim feminine knowledge, wisdom and power, your own nature.

On the way you will see your conditioning, your unconscious behaviour, and your part in continuing your red thread or mother line, also known as generational trauma.

Shamanic Womancraft uses the ancient way of the midwife ~ the Mauiutic Method ~ asking of our wounds, “how does this serve?” This then begins the unravelling of the influence of one’s rites of passage, red thread or mother line, and allows women to awaken, heal and reconnect with their inner feminine aspects.

You will work with archetypes and stories, the metaphysical, and ancient wisdom. You will use ceremony and ritual within the rhythm of the cycles of the moon and the earth, and reclaim your wild self, remembering your inner knowing and healing from any traumatic rite of passage or event in your life.


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Menstrual Coaching 


What is your relationship with your blood?

Is it a positive story? Do you love your blood and fully understand your inner cyclic wisdom? Or do you have a much more challenging relationship with it? One shrouded in wounding, fear, dislike?

My wish for all those who bleed is to LOVE their blood.

To really love the process our body goes through, but more than that, to fall in love with the mystery we get to experience each month.

There is opportunity for deep healing and transformation, when we are ready to unravel our stories, find the gold within them and move forward with a new story, a new relationship with our cycle and ourselves.

Explore the magick and mystery of your blood and bring back the sacred to this time in your life. 

Learn to to connect with your womb and flow with your blood and with your cycle, rather than fight against the energy. 

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